Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊

Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊

Taiwan is a wonderful place to ride your bicycle as many of its cities have bicycle paths while the rural forest trails are accessible to anywhere.
Whether you plan to ride the bicycle around the Taiwan islands,
Or enjoy relaxed travel while you cycle, the “Taiwan Bicycle Tour (4+2 Car+Bicycle) Service – “Cycling Trip, Taiwan Easy Go” can be tailored to your physical condition and your experience and requirements in riding the bicycle. We can arrange customized bicycle travel routes.

We provide bicycle maintenance support and logistical resupply assistance,
So bicycle travel enthusiasts may travel Taiwan worry-free. Peddle the bicycle slowly and travel leisurely to every corner of Taiwan. We also provide fixed destination bicycle tours, and can combine cycling in the morning, taking a car in the afternoon 4+2 the easygoing way. This offers bicycle travel enthusiasts who like to travel easy more enjoyment options.

We use professional brands such as THULE portable frame and Park Tour Bicycle maintenance tools. And you and your bicycle will be transferred and picked up using our imported luxurious tour coach.

Feel free to discuss your requirements for the bicycle tour. Contact us!!
Our dedicated service hotline is:【+886-933-499-313】Taiwan Bicycle Tour Service
Cycling Trip Taiwan Easy Go.

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還是一邊踩單車,一邊輕鬆旅遊,「單車旅行台灣(4+2汽車+單車)服務 Cycling Trip Taiwan Easy Go」都可以依據您的體力狀況及騎乘自行車的經驗和需求,為您安排客制化單車旅遊路線。


我們採用專業品牌THULE攜車架及Park Tour單車維修工具,並且使用進口豪華旅行車服務踩單車的朋友。

Cycling Trip Taiwan Easy Go。



Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊 Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊
Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊 Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊
Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊 Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊
Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊 Mr Jerry 台灣單車旅遊
公司資訊 Information
Services offered are:

◎ Providing bicycle travel information
◎ Suggestions for bicycle tour itinerary
◎ Bicycle tour transfer service
◎ Assistance for cycling around the Taiwan island
◎ Provide vehicles – follow-up vehicles – logistical maintenance supplies
◎ Guidance on the roads
◎ Customized bicycle tour arrangements
◎ Transfer arrangements for bicycle competitions
◎ Supplies for professional bicycle competitions and events
◎ Provide food and replenishment purchasing service for the
bicycle trip
◎ Provide bicycle technician and tour guide
◎ Resolve bicycle issues and provide maintenance

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※TEL : +886.933.499.313
※LINE : ID: sky37833
※WE CHAT : ID: sky37833
※What's APP : +886-933.499.313